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This website is not only about guiding a veteran through the VA loan process, but it is also and more importantly, an informational source for everything about VA loans, explained in simple terms. Assisting our Military Veterans in understanding the VA loan process is an important purpose and in a sense, is my way of giving a service back to them, for what they have provided to our country. VA loans really are a great benefit provided to our vets and I hope I can assist them in utilizing this benefit.

Even though this website will reach 1000s of vets throughout the country, I am only able to actually do loans in the State of California. The company that I have my license with is licensed in CA, FL, TX and AZ and I can put you in touch with a good Mortgage Specialist if you contact me.

Key Highlights Reviewed

100% of value of home purchase with VA Loans
Lower interest rates than other loans
Jumbo VA loans – VA do not set a maximum loan amount
IRRLs – low documentation when refinancing from VA loan to another VA loan (no cash out)
Refinance – 100% of home value in cash out
Lower wait times for bankruptcies and foreclosures than other types of loans
VA lenders allow lower credit scores than normal loans
Eligibility requirements
Refinance and purchase steps described
Source for questions about a VA Loan and contact info to apply


Gary Reisdorf, Loan Officer

VA Purchase Loan or Refinance, I Can Help

Gary Reisdorf NMLS ID 1171457
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator
CA BRE Lic. No. 01263896

If you have questions about a VA Loan, contact me at

Phone: 858-735-8292 or
email me: Gary.Reisdorf@gmail.com


State and Federal Disclosures and Licenses

HomePlus Mortgage NMLS ID 78669
2878 Camino Del Rio South, Suite #402, San Diego, CA 92108

  • Real Estate Broker – CA. B.R.E. License #01426454
  • Arizona Branch Mortgage Broker MB-0944131
  • Texas Branch NMLS ID:1180504
  • FL Mortgage Broker License MBR570

Phone: 844-204-8512
Phone: 619-325-8290


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